About us

Obsessed with Results.

Driven by Passion

That’s how we roll. Focused on helping our clients build deeper relationships, make a difference in the world, and drive measurable impact, we blend great strategy with practical implementation — and we like to have a lot fun along the way! Contact us at info@w74marketing.com to schedule a 30 minute evaluation of your digital marketing needs. We’d love to help you transform your digital marketing activities into consistent revenue.



Experts in our field, the W74 Marketing team works hard to come alongside our clients to ensure you get the custom marketing strategy and execution you’re looking for. Our results-driven, hands on, down in the trenches, no-frills-but-maybe-some-sass style has helped our clients in the non profit and for profit sector see exceptional results and targeted outcomes.



w74 is the atomic number for Tungsten, one of the strongest metals in the world, and is used in light bulbs and some forms of steel. So why Tungsten?



Marisa Williams

Founder & CEO

W74 Marketing was founded by Marisa Williams, a 10-year veteran of digital marketing and social media.

Born and raised in Colorado Springs at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Marisa received her bachelor’s in Marketing and Finance from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. When Marisa isn’t busy performing her digital marketing magic, you can find her spending time with her husband chasing their toddler around, doing science experiments with their oldest son, or cuddling with their dog, Artemis the Great-Great Dane. (Yes, really.) She will forever be addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and the entire Fast and Furious franchise.

Arin Kurtz

Marketing Director

Passionate about seeing organizations reach new people and successfully tell their stories, Arin helps clients reach their goals through social media marketing, email marketing, campaign design and execution, and overall marketing strategy as the Marketing Director at W74 Marketing. Arin recently graduated from Southeastern University with a Master of Arts in International Community Development and has a heart for the nonprofit sector.

A lover of spreadsheets, coffee, and all things Disney, Arin enjoys developing strategies that combine powerful storytelling with innovative and creative marketing strategy.

Rylee D’Innocenzo

Art Director

A killer creative with a marketing mind, Rylee helps organizations build bridges between brands and their audiences through captivating design. Rylee has over 10+ years of design experience in branding, digital design and print and takes a strategic approach to the work she does. Her designs are not only good looking, but they also help drive results.

Rylee grew up in Rocky Ford where her grandpa Truman was a cantaloupe farmer! In her free time, you’ll find Rylee chasing her son on his dirt bike while holding her newborn daughter.

Natalie Bognar

Graphic Designer

Natalie is so passionate about her job, she can sit in front of the computer not realizing that the whole day has passed by. Natalie has been a creative her whole life–she started her career in middle school, when she did her design projects in Microsoft Paint. She enjoys visually solving problems and communicating ideas by creating aesthetically pleasing designs.

When she is not in front of her computer, Natalie is cleaning up after her 2-year-old or she’s working on an arts and crafts project.

Sydney Malanaphy

Project Manager

A true Helper (Enneagram, anyone?), Sydney is prepared to assist in any way she can. With a passion for people and an inclination toward organization, she supports the W74 Marketing team by managing projects, schedules, and humans. A background in Anthropology and Early Childhood Education provide Sydney with the skills she needs to connect with her teammates and clients in order to keep everyone on track for success.

Outside of the W74 world, Sydney first and foremost enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, preferably while camping in the mountains. A self-proclaimed exercise addict, she is often finding ways to move: weightlifting, running, snowboarding, and yoga are some favorites.

Lauren Ward

UX Web Developer

As a Front End UX Web Developer, Lauren has a passion for technology and art and combines the two to create professional, user-friendly websites. She loves the challenge of finding solutions to tech issues and helping others by providing support to her team. 

She finds balance in life by working out, playing her ukulele, creating with calligraphy, and spending time with her husband and two sons while hiking and camping around Colorado.

Colby Albarado

Full Stack Web Developer

Colby is a veteran of web development and system administration, with decades of experience in web application development. Specializing in PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, VueJS and other modern web technologies, there is hardly a “technical difficulty” that Colby can’t fix. He builds custom WordPress themes and plugins and can troubleshoot a WordPress website like nobody else. When he’s not solving the world’s technology issues, Colby runs marathons and trail races, and enjoys pretty much anything outdoors.