About Us

Obsessed with results. Driven by passion.

That's how weroll

Focused on helping our clients build deeper relationships, make a difference in the world, and drive measurable impact, we blend great strategy with practical implementation — and we like to have a lot of fun along the way! Contact us to schedule a 30 minute evaluation of your digital marketing needs. We’d love to help you transform your digital marketing activities into consistent revenue.

Our Name

W74 is the atomic number for Tungsten, one of the strongest metals in the world, and is used in light bulbs and some forms of steel. So why Tungsten?

We’re tough.

Our team loves a good challenge. We’ll get down in the trenches with you and we’re willing to give it all we’ve got.

We want you to shine.

You know that squiggly part in a lightbulb? That’s us. We’re here so you can shine bright, get the word out about how incredible you are, and bring in new clients who love the light just as much as we do.

We’re scientific.

Everything we do is driven by data. Our goal is to set you up with the tools you need to track and measure your results so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. It’s as simple as that. Data doesn’t lie.

Our Team

Experts in our field, the W74 Marketing team works hard to come alongside our clients to ensure you get the custom marketing strategy and execution you’re looking for. Our results-driven, hands-on, down in the trenches, no-frills-but-maybe-some-sass style has helped our clients in the non-profit and for-profit sectors see exceptional results and targeted outcomes.

Marisa Williams
Founder & CEO
Sydney Malanaphy
Project Manager
Erica Chumbley
Marketing Specialist
Caitlyn O'connell
Marketing Specialist
Colby Albarado
Website & Software Developer
Natalie bognar
Graphic Designer

W74 Marketing was founded by Marisa Williams, a 10-year veteran of digital marketing and social media. 

Born and raised in Colorado Springs at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Marisa received her bachelor’s in Marketing and Finance from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. When Marisa isn’t busy performing her digital marketing magic, you can find her spending time with her husband chasing their toddler around, doing science experiments with their oldest son, or cuddling with their dog, Artemis the Great-Great Dane. (Yes, really.) She will forever be addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and the entire Fast and Furious franchise.

A true Helper (Enneagram, anyone?), Sydney is prepared to assist in any way she can. With a passion for people and an inclination toward organization, she supports the W74 Marketing team by managing projects, schedules, and humans. A background in Anthropology and Early Childhood Education provide Sydney with the skills she needs to connect with her teammates and clients in order to keep everyone on track for success. She has even been known to say things like, “If you can run a preschool classroom, you can manage anything!” 

Outside of the W74 world, Sydney first and foremost enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, preferably while traveling or camping in the mountains. 

Erica’s family predicted she would go into marketing when she started making product promotion videos (with a VHS camcorder!) for fun with her cousin at age 11. The videos were an instant hit and became a hot topic at holidays, with requests for more.

Fast forward a few years…she graduated with a B.S. in Mass Media Communications from ORU, and earned an MPA from the University of Colorado at Denver. Her experience spans several industries, including publishing, nonprofit marketing, and commercial real estate. Familiar with a variety of roles like project manager, program manager, director, marketing manager, and social media manager, her dedication to excellence in every aspect of marketing is a dream come true for her clients.

No one gets more geeked out about planning than Caitlyn. Planning, or “spinning many plates,” as she calls it, is what she does best! As a marketing specialist and project manager for W74, her skillset is put to work. In 2019, she received her MBA with an emphasis in marketing, then spent many years working in professional systems and fundraising for nonprofits before joining W74 in 2022. Fun fact: she first worked with W74 as a client before joining the team!

Caitlyn continues to spin plates as a wife and mother of two. Her family time is spent by planning out weekends with many outdoor activities. She lives in Wilmington, NC, where going to the beach and watching the Duke Blue Devils is a must. While she lives in NC, her heart and extended family is in CO.

Colby is a veteran of web development and system administration, with decades of experience in web application development. Specializing in PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, VueJS and other modern web technologies, there is hardly a “technical difficulty” that Colby can’t fix. 

He builds custom WordPress themes and plugins and can troubleshoot a WordPress website like nobody else. When he’s not solving the world’s technology issues, Colby runs marathons and trail races, and enjoys pretty much anything outdoors.

Natalie is so passionate about her job, she can sit in front of the computer not realizing that the whole day has passed by. Natalie has been a creative her whole life–she started her career in middle school, when she did her design projects in Microsoft Paint. She enjoys visually solving problems and communicating ideas by creating aesthetically pleasing designs.

When she is not in front of her computer, she is cleaning up after her daughter or she’s working on an arts and crafts project.