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As self-proclaimed “brand therapists,” we can help with all things branding, whether your organization is new and needs to establish its brand identity or you’ve been around for a while and it’s time for a brand refresh. Logos and fonts, colors and design elements, brand voice and messaging - we include it all in your custom brand guidelines.

Learn to represent
your brand

Consistently and accurately presenting your brand to your audience is one of the most fundamental things you can do to establish your organization’s brand identity. When businesses or nonprofits lack a uniform set of guidelines for how their brand should be presented to the audience, it can cause confusion – both internally and externally. Our branding services are tailored to meet your brand where it’s at. We’ll work with you to determine which steps we need to take to perfect your brand identity. We offer:

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Introduce your
new branding

We understand that rolling out a new brand can be intimidating. That’s why we also offer design services for business supplies, merchandise, and other branded collateral.

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Branding Work Samples

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Next Steps...

Contact us to schedule a free consultation call so that we can learn a bit more about your organization and your vision for your brand. If you have a current brand that you’re hoping to refresh or update, we may want to perform an audit to identify any changes we need to make as we work on the new brand. Once we have the information we need, we’ll craft a proposal for your new brand.